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“We Found a Dead Body”—Logan Paul Apologizes After Publishing Vlog Showing Suicide Victim

we found a dead body logan paul apologizes after publishing vlog showing suicide victim - “We Found a Dead Body”—Logan Paul Apologizes After Publishing Vlog Showing Suicide Victim

“We Found a Dead Body in Japan’s Suicide Forest.”That was the title of the most current video from You Tube Celebrity, Logan Paul.

The22- year-old web feeling whose main audience is 10-15 years of age, published a video on Sunday showing exactly what seems a body hanging from a tree in a Japanese forest.

Paul and his good friends were supposedly shooting a vlog in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, a well-known suicide area, when they encountered the body of a male who had actually passed away by suicide.

The video, which was seen countless times prior to Paul eliminated it on Monday, reveals the male’s body from numerous angles, and blurs his face.

As they strolled up on the lifeless body with cams rolling, one member of Paul’s team can be heard stating that he “doesn’t feel good.” To which the You Root reacts with laughter stating, “What, you never stand next to a dead guy?”

After turning the heavy scenario into a horrible joking matter, Paul later on decided to put the video of the victim on complete screen to his young audience, without any regard to that the male because forest was a individual and a victim, not a chance for the You Root to profit from.

Outraged by Paul’s actions, the web signed up with forces in dishing out a twitter-storm of criticism and reaction.

After coming under extreme fire, Paul required to Twitter with a relatively apathetic apology that lots of found to be more self-seeking than it was sorry.

He likewise declared that his intentions in publishing the vlog were to “raise awareness about mental health,” not get views.

Let’s simply state the web still wasn’t amazed.

Many tweeted the suicide hotline and avoidance details, while others contacted the social networks star to do something REAL to raise awareness about psychological health and suicide.

OnTuesday early morning, Paul required to Twitter as soon as again with a video apology to reveal his genuineness.

TheAokigahara forest lies at the base ofMt Fuji, and understood commonly throughout Japan as the “suicide forest.” In a nation where the suicide rate is amongst the greatest, the forest is plastered with indications advising self-destructive visitors to look for assistance.

As for Logan Paul and his extremely impressionable fan-base, my prayer today is that the discussion would focus less on his crude, unbearable error, and more on how we can alter the method we speak about psychological health and suicide in 2018.


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