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Concealed Depression

5 Signs You May Be Suffering From Depression (And Not Even Know It)

5 signs you may be suffering from depression and not even know it - 5 Signs You May Be Suffering From Depression (And Not Even Know It)

When we consider depression, we usually consider the timeless signs: unhappiness, “feeling blue,” despondence, or anguish. But anybody who has actually ever experienced depression understands that it’s a lot more complicated than simply feeling “down.”

It’s so complicated in reality, that you may be struggling with depression and not even know it.

Depression does not constantly emerge through disabling unhappiness. But without sufficient understanding about a few of its other signs, it can be simple to write-off depression as the factor for exactly what you’re experiencing, merely since you aren’t “sad.”

UnexplainedWeight Gain

Comfort foods can raise serotonin levels in the brain, apparently increasing your state of mind, when in reality you may be stuck in a cycle of psychological consuming.Maybe you have not seemed like shopping or have not remained in the state of mind to make a genuine meal for supper. So, you choose a brown paper sack from the most practical drive-thru on your method house from work or choose to simply consume ice cream rather.

Doing that on a progressively routine basis will certainly cause weight-gain, and does not do anything however offer a short-term mood-boost to your brain. The underlying requirement for home cooking still stays, and in return, you’re stuck purchasing trousers with a larger waist-line.

ShortSpurts of Anger and Irritability

Perhaps even the smallest things send you into a frustrating rage, or you’re “short” with individuals you engage with every day. You may not be “feeling blue,” however rather discontented and undesirable for no genuine factor at all. According to prevention.com, a 2013 research study released in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, discovered that “54% of people with depression reported feeling hostile, grumpy, argumentative, foul-tempered, or angry.”

It may simply be a bad week with a great deal of tension and a great deal of sensations. But if you’re experiencing brief spurts of anger and aggravation regularly, it extremely well might imply that you are struggling with depression.

BeingGlued to Your Phone

If your virtual existence has actually increased, or you discover yourself investing more time on Facebook than you do having in person social interactions, you may be struggling with depression. Studies reveal that individuals with depression typically utilize the web as a coping system when they feel discontent or detached from the real-world. It’s a method to get away from your ideas and sensations– even ones you do not recognize you’re having.

But continuous web time isn’t really healthy for anybody, and training your brain to turn to your phone when there are underlying sensations and psychological procedures that have to be dealt with, will just trigger that depression to fester.


Maybe you aren’t a lot “feeling blue,” as you are rather simply feeling absolutely nothing at all.

People who are depressed typically “feel numb,” or neutral– as if all feeling or inspiration has actually left them. Maybe things that utilized to pull at your heartstrings simply do not have the exact same impact any longer. You may have distanced yourself from individuals, end up being cold in your method and even pressed away those who are closest to you. All are timeless signs that you may be struggling with depression.

NoticingMore Pain

That lower back that’s been providing you difficulty or a stiff neck that simply will not disappear may be an outcome of more than simply a bad night’s sleep. Research reveals that 75% of individuals who struggle with depression likewise have repeating or persistent discomfort.

When you’re struggling with depression, you may experience a higher level of sensitivity to discomfort. This can be anything from moderate headaches and stomachaches to extreme discomfort through the back and spinal column. That’s since your brain procedures mental disorder and discomfort in the exact same method.

Like anything, signs of depression expose themselves in a different way in everyone. If you seem like you may be suffering from depression, it is essential to consult your medical professional or physician. Be sure to likewise have a look at our depression test, developed to identify your signs, and guide you on your next actions.


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