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Recipe: Doggie Trail Mix

1515437836 recipe doggie trail mix - Recipe: Doggie Trail Mix

I enjoy treats on the go. I’ll frequently fill my pockets with canine food for day-to-day strolls and training, however in some cases daily kibble isn’t really adequate to obtain the puppies interested. So I have actually begun producing a mix of dog-friendly treats that are pocket friendly for a pet on the go. You can get innovative with doggie trail mix. Use exactly what you have in your home and exactly what you and your canine want to consume! It’s an excellent method to clear out the kitchen.

What you’ll require for DoggieTrail Mix:

Unsweetened cereal like Cheerios.

Make the doggie trail mix utilizing unsweetened cereal likeCheerios Photography by Samantha Meyers.

• Kibble– when it’s combined in, nobody notifications that it’s exactly what’s for supper
• Dehydrated fruit, veggies and meat
• Dry canine deals with
• Unsweetened cereal (like Cheerios)
• Unsalted pretzels
• Plastic sandwich bag or mason container

How to make Doggie Trail Mix:


Unsalted pretzels are another excellent component for doggie trail mix. Photography by Samantha Meyers.

  1. Gather active ingredients, break them into properly sized pieces for your canine
  2. Dehydrate fruit, veggies and meat– I frequently purchase this currently done. There are great deals of excellent fruits, veggies and meats on the marketplace now (for both people and canines) that appear and do not consist of included active ingredients. But if you wish to make your very own, cut up your active ingredients, position them on a baking tray in the oven at 200 degreesFahrenheit Check and turn every 30 minutes up until active ingredients are dry. This can take a while, so do it on a day you are house without any strategies to leave.
  3. Place active ingredients in the bag or container. Notice I do not have particular quantities or a dish for this one. I want to make kibble and dried veggies/meat the bulk of my mix, followed by products like the canine deals with, cereal and pretzels. This method it’s healthy, however keeps your canine rating exactly what’s following.

Thumbnail: Photography by Samantha Meyers.

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