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Professor Reads His Terrible ‘Rate My Professors’ Reviews In Front Of His Students

Professor Reads His Terrible ‘Rate My Professors’ Reviews In Front Of His Students

If you’re an university student or have actually just recently finished, possibilities are when it came time to choose your classes each term, you inspected your capacity teachers’ scores on Rate My Professors.

While the reviews on this site are subjective, they assisted me choose some quite fantastic classes– and prevent terrible teachers– back when I remained in school. That stated, some students simply go there to leave petty, bitter, and typically nonconstructive reviews of their teachers’ mentor techniques and shipment. Others, under the veil of privacy, turn their remarks into advertisement hominem attacks.

Most teachers who check out these reviews take them with a grain of salt (as they ought to), however that does not indicate they cannot have a good time with them at their students’ expenditure. This male chose to read his aloud in front of the class, selecting just the most outrageous and humorous to share.

Here’s a records of the reviews, which motivated others to share the funniest and most remarkable ones they have actually had the enjoyment of stumbling upon. Scroll down and inspect them out listed below.

Instructor requires frantically to minimize caffeine consumption.

Goes off on tangents, talks actually quick, then loses me.

Should not be enabled to recreate not to mention teach.

Given his strangely calm and cool nature, I frequently feared that he would take out an AK-47 and slaughter students who irritated him. He absolutely imitates I envision a serial killer would. If absolutely nothing else, I’m encouraged to do well simply to avoid pissing him off.

“One professor I’ve had would always mention his favorite he’d gotten from years past: ‘By far the best example of wasted sperm I’ve ever seen.’ The kicker was that the student signed it in order for the evaluation to be kept in the professor’s evaluation records.”– baystate229

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