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Truck Driver Destroys Portions Of The Nasca Lines When Going Off-Road To Avoid Paying A Toll

truck driver destroys portions of the nasca lines when going off road to avoid paying a toll - Truck Driver Destroys Portions Of The Nasca Lines When Going Off-Road To Avoid Paying A Toll

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are usually irreplaceable marvels that draw countless visitors.

Unfortunately, all over the world, they’re being ruined. According to IFL Science, “Syria, for example, once had six Unesco World Heritage Sites. Now, all have been damaged or destroyed in the civil war, including Aleppo’s famous Umayyad Mosque Complex.” Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is another World Heritage Site that has actually been harmed beyond repair work thanks to human beings, with more than 93% of it experiencing coral lightening.

While all this damage is brought on by human beings, another UNESCO website in Peru just recently experienced a disruption thanks to one especially negligent truck driver.

TheNasca lines in Peru are huge and ancient pictographs that can just be seen from above. They are a total secret, due to the fact that it is unidentified why the Nasca individuals would produce such intricate images they themselves could not see.

Ignoring indications alerting the 40- year-old of the ancient treasure around him, Jainer Jesus Flores Vigo left the paved roadway and drove through a few of the Nasca lines to “avoid paying a toll.”

According to IFL Science, “Peru’s Ministry of Culture, who is working with the Prosecutor’s Office, says the truck significantly damaged the area, leaving ‘deep scars’ on the surface and part of three geoglyphs – a total area of about 50 by 100 meters.”

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