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10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

1514029346 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

The word “overdose” generally brings controlled substances to mind. But it is not only street drugs or the abuse of prescription medications that can overwhelm the body and trigger damage or death. Substances that are thought about safe or perhaps healthy can end up being harmful when misused.

The products noted below variety from benign to advantageous in percentages however end up being harmful in greater amounts. These relatively safe compounds can land you in the medical facility– or the morgue– if you exaggerate it.

10Soy Sauce

10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

In2013, a 19- year-old guy from Virginia consumed 0.9 liters (1 qt) of soy sauce after being attempted by his buddies to do so. He entered into a coma and almost passed away from the severe levels of salt in his body.

Hypernatremia is a condition where there is excessive salt in the blood. When the blood stream ends up being saturated with salt, it draws water from other parts of the body, consisting of the brain, in an effort to decrease the salt concentration. When the brain loses water, it can diminish and bleed.

After the Virginia teenager consumed the soy sauce, he started having seizures. His buddies brought him to the medical facility, however by the time he showed up, he had actually currently fallen under a coma. Doctors flushed the salt from his system utilizing a mix of water and sugar dextrose.

His salt levels went back to regular 5 hours later on, however he stayed in the coma for 3 days prior to getting up on his own. Doctors stated that the boy was fortunate to be alive. He is the very first individual to overdose on such a high quantity of salt and endure with no long lasting neurological issues.[1]


1514029344 405 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

AnArkansas guy suffered kidney failure as an outcome of drinking excessive iced tea.

The56- year-old guy consumed about 16 240- milliliter (8 oz) cups of iced tea every day. In May 2014, the guy was confessed to the medical facility after suffering queasiness, weak point, and body pains. Doctors found that his kidneys were very stopped up and inflamed. They began him on dialysis, which he will most likely be on for the rest of his life.

The damage to the guy’s kidneys was triggered by a chemical called oxalate. This chemical takes place naturally in black tea in addition to other foods such as rhubarb and spinach. Too much oxalate can cause kidney damage.[2]The guy from Arkansas was taking in 3–10 times more oxalate than the average American.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, taking in approximately 4 cups of tea daily is a safe quantity. Sixteen cups daily is a lot of.


1514029344 818 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Nutmeg is popular this time of year, however make sure not to spray excessive on top of your eggnog. Ingesting just roughly 4.4 grams (2 tsp) of the spice can lead to nutmeg toxicity.

Usually, individuals who consume big quantities of nutmeg are searching for a high. The spice includes a natural substance called myristicin, which has hallucinogenic results in big dosages that resemble the high from LSD.

Using the spice as a drug is a practice popular with teens and jail prisoners due to the fact that of its availability. But although nutmeg is legal and simple to acquire, there are some really undesirable negative effects of consuming the quantity needed to experience a high.

Within an hour of taking in a big quantity of nutmeg, users generally suffer extreme intestinal issues. After a couple of more hours, individuals can start experiencing heart and nerve issues. This is specifically unsafe for anybody with an undiagnosed heart issue.

Hallucinations do not take place till numerous hours after consuming nutmeg, which can lead individuals to take in extra quantities if they believe they cannot take enough the very first time.

Using the spice as a drug is not a modern-day advancement. Widespread nutmeg intoxication cases were seen in the early 1900 s and after that once again in the 1960 s prior to resurfacing more just recently.[3]


1514029344 756 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Too much tooth paste can have terrible outcomes. In the early 1990 s, tooth paste labels consisted of fundamental cautions that stated, “Do Not Swallow. Use only a pea-sized amount for children under six.”

TheFood and Drug Administration (FDA) did not think that these warns attended to the real risks of consuming tooth paste. So in 1997, a toxin caution was contributed to tooth paste items which contained fluoride.

TheAmerican Dental Association in addition to tooth paste producers believed that this requirement was an overreaction by the FDA. However, the FDA argued that fluoride is a drug connected with toxicity and, for that reason, needs a strong caution for customers.

Whether or not the cautions are too extreme, consuming tooth paste is not a smart idea. Swallowing a big quantity of fluoride-free tooth paste will likely lead to absolutely nothing more than an indigestion. However, swallowing a big quantity of tooth paste including fluoride can be deadly.

Children are more prone to fluoride poisoning due to the fact that their smaller sized bodies are impacted by smaller sized quantities of the compound. A single tube of kids’s fluoride tooth paste includes enough fluoride to eliminate a kid weighing less than 30 kgs (66 pound). If a kid were to consume just 3 percent of television, he would still experience severe fluoride poisoning, which triggers flu-like signs, lightheadedness, and stomach discomfort.[4]

6Cruciferous Vegetables

1514029344 623 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Cruciferous veggies are a household of nutrient-rich, leafy green plants such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale. These veggies are frequently advised due to the fact that they include high levels of anti-oxidants and other health advantages, however consuming a lot of leafy greens can have unfavorable outcomes.

In2011, a male was hospitalized after overdosing on Brussels sprouts at Christmas supper. The guy had a mechanical heart and was taking anticoagulants. Like most cruciferous veggies, Brussels sprouts include high quantities of vitamin K, which promotes blood clot. The anticoagulants were essential for the guy’s mechanical heart to run successfully.[5]

When excessive vitamin K neutralized the results of the guy’s medication, he started experiencing unexpected heart issues. Once medical professionals understood that the issues was because of the guy consuming a lot of Brussels sprouts, they had the ability to treat him. Fortunately, he recuperated rapidly.

Eating excessive broccoli or kale can likewise lead to hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) where the thyroid gland cannot make sufficient thyroid hormonal agent. Nutritional professionals state that “reasonable amounts” of cruciferous veggies provide lots of health advantages. The unfavorable results of consuming a lot of leafy greens just occur when individuals take in high dosages. Once an individual is identified with hypothyroidism, they are alerted to prevent cruciferous veggies.

5Star Fruit

1514029344 851 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Carambola(aka star fruit) can do some significant damage inside the body if excessive is taken in. For individuals who currently have weak kidneys, kidney damage or failure can take place from consuming simply a percentage.

Star fruit includes a contaminant that can ruining the kidney system. People with healthy kidneys can generally filter the toxic substance without any ill results, however anybody with existing kidney damage is alerted versus taking in star fruit.[6]

The fruit is specifically unsafe for individuals who are uninformed that they have early phases of kidney damage. In addition to individuals who have existing kidney issues, those who consume the fruit regularly or beverage star fruit juice on an empty stomach are at greatest danger for star fruit toxicity.

Symptoms of star fruit toxicity consist of queasiness, weak point, sleeping disorders, seizures, and missteps, which are the most typical sign in moderate cases. Doctors can deal with extreme cases of star fruit toxicity with dialysis, however kidney function might never ever go back to regular after the damage takes place.


1514029344 655 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Warnings about taking in tuna are typically directed at pregnant ladies and kids, however the rest people are likewise at danger if we exaggerate it at the sushi bar.

Raw, prepared, and canned tuna all include mercury. Mercury is discovered in the majority of kinds of fish, however larger predatory fish include greater concentrations. Tuna consume smaller sized fish, so they likewise take in the mercury material of smaller sized fish, which raises their mercury level.

Mercury is harmful to human beings. Small quantities can be strained, however bigger quantities will develop and lead to mercury poisoning. The earliest indications of poisoning consist of bad coordination and tingling in the fingers and toes, followed by tremblings and vision issues. Long- term mercury poisoning can impact memory function and hinder the finding out procedure. Severe cases can lead to kidney issues, breathing failure, and death.

Many individuals understand the risks of consuming excessive tuna however are uninformed of the real quantity that is “too much.” Certain kinds of tuna, such as the popular albacore, include greater levels of mercury.

For an individual weighing 68 kgs (150 pound) or more, the FDA suggests taking in no greater than one 170- gram (6 oz) can of albacore tuna every 9 days. That indicates an every-other-day practice of tuna on rye for lunch would quickly suffice to trigger mercury poisoning.[7]

3Muscle Cream

1514029344 316 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Muscle cream can supply remedy for pains and discomforts, however utilizing excessive can have deadly effects.

Methyl salicylate is an anti-inflammatory discovered in items that relieve aching muscles, such as Bengay and IcyHot Though muscle cream is used topically, the compound gets in the body through the pores and penetrates muscles and nerves in addition to the blood stream.

In2007, Arielle Newman passed away from an unexpected overdose of methyl salicylate.[8]The 17- year-old track star frequently utilized muscle cream in addition to adhesive pads including methyl salicylate.

Newman’s overdose was an outcome of duplicated applications of high amounts. Her body soaked up the methyl salicylate in time till the chemical reached harmful levels.

She likewise used muscle cream prior to taking part in a track satisfy, which is thought to have actually been an extra consider Newman’s death. The heat that was created as she ran would have opened her pores, triggering increased absorption.

2Black Licorice

1514029344 959 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Black licorice can be unsafe, specifically for individuals over age40 The FDA launched a report previously this year warning versus the results of consuming black licorice regularly or in big amounts. The caution from the FDA followed a 2016 case where somebody who frequently taken in black licorice knowledgeable heart issues that were credited to the chewy sweet.

Eating simply 57 grams (2 oz) of black licorice, which has to do with 3 2.5-centimeter (1 in) pieces, every day for 2 weeks can trigger heart issues. Black licorice includes glycyrrhizin, a substance that triggers potassium levels to reduce. When potassium levels fall, individuals are at danger of struggling with unusual heart rhythms, hypertension, as well as heart disease.

People with existing heart issues are at greater danger of experiencing a negative impact from taking in black licorice.[9]


1514029344 889 10 unexpected things you can overdose on - 10 Unexpected Things You Can Overdose On

Vitamins are expected to enhance our health, however taking a lot of supplements can in fact trigger cancers well as other illness.

Some kinds of vitamins are water-soluble. Excess levels of water-soluble vitamins get eliminated through urine. But other vitamins, such as vitamin A, are lipid-soluble. These kinds of vitamins are saved in body fat and do not get eliminated the exact same method. Lipid- soluble vitamins can develop to harmful levels and trigger liver damage, abnormality, main nerve system conditions, and cancer.

In1985, a group of medical professionals started a trial where individuals took high dosages of beta-carotene, a vitamin A supplement that was thought to lower the danger of getting cancer. The trial was closed down early due to the fact that the routine backfired and triggered cancer in a few of the individuals rather of avoiding it. Specifically, male cigarette smokers who took beta-carotene supplements were 18 percent most likely to establish lung cancer than those who did not.[10]

A 2001 research study performed by the National Cancer Institute led to a comparable result. The research study examined the efficiency of vitamin E in avoiding prostate cancer. The findings revealed that guys who took vitamin E supplements were in fact 17 percent most likely to establish prostate cancer than those who did not.

Water- soluble vitamins such as vitamin C are generally flushed from the body prior to toxicity takes place, however there can still be unfavorable results from high dosages. Overdoing it on vitamin C can lead to diarrhea, stomach cramps, as well as kidney stones.

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