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Mystery over top secret UFO program deepens

mystery over top secret ufo program deepens - Mystery over top secret UFO program deepens

The mystery of a top-secretUFO program has actually deepened after federal government authorities declared there was confusion about its function– while professionals implicated them of backtracking.

ThePentagon recently verified the presence of a $22 million program called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which examined sightings of UFOs in between 2007 to 2012, TheSun reported.

The discovery thrilled UFO fans around the globe as it was the very first time the United States federal government had actually confessed examining UFOs because 1969.

The organisation’s work was outed by Luis Elizondo when he informed TheNew York Times he ran the shadowy Department of Defence program from 2007 to 2012 and continued to check out the problem up until he resigned in October this year.

Two bombshell videos of inexplicable UFO sightings by United States military workers– examined by the AATIP– were likewise released.

However, when called by Sun Online, the spy organisation Defence Intelligence Agency declared there had actually been some misconceptions.

A representative stated: “There is some confusion about this program and claims about its purpose in press reporting … the Defence Intelligence Agency has not released any information, files or videos.”

ButDepartment of Defence authorities challenged this, stating they did unknown exactly what “confusion” the Defence Intelligence Agency was describing, and specifying they had actually been “clear” about the program’s objectives.

A Department of Defense representative stated: “The AATIP’s mandate, when it existed, was to assess far-term foreign advanced aerospace threats to the United States.”

It is declared the program ended in 2012, nevertheless Mr Elizondo stated that he had actually continued to deal with authorities from the Navy and the CIA on the program up until he resigned from workplace in October.

UFO professionals have actually declared that this dispute might be the federal government aiming to back-pedal since it isn’t really “ready or willing” to divulge the info.

UfologistAlejandro Rojas from Open Minds TELEVISION, which is committed to extraterrestrial life, stated: “It does appear to me like they may be backtracking.

“They have not clarified precisely what the confusion is, however I’m not shocked that they are rushing over this now.

“According to TheWashington Post, Luis Elizondo basically got the videos under rather false pretenses.

“He declared he wished to utilize the videos for training pilots. He didn’t state he wished to utilize the videos to show that UFOs are genuine, which is exactly what’s taking place.

” I believe that’s why the clips are so brief and– particularly with the 2nd one. There is so little info connected to it.

” I believe maybe they believed simply in case someone obtains this and aims to turn it into a huge UFO thing, we simply will not provide much info.

“It puts them in an area since maybe they’re not prepared or perhaps going to come out and speak about this.

“And they didn’t mean these videos to be utilized for this function.

“It would not be the very first time the federal government has actually attempted to spin things in a various instructions on this subject.

“But we have actually got Elizondo who led the program going on the record to speak about it– so it’s clear that they were examining UFOs.”

SunOnline has actually now lodged a Freedom of Information demand with the Defense Intelligence Agency for other UFO files or videos connected to AATIP.

This story initially appeared in The Sun.


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