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Discovery of 500-year-old pistol parts sheds new light on Colorado’s Spanish colonial history

1515127730 discovery of 500 year old pistol parts sheds new light on colorados spanish colonial history - Discovery of 500-year-old pistol parts sheds new light on Colorado's Spanish colonial history

The discovery of centuries-old pistol parts in Colorado is shedding new light on the state’s Spanish Colonial history.

The spring-loaded arm, referred to as a “dog” and activate guard were as soon as part of a wheellock pistol, inning accordance with the Museums of Western Colorado, which has actually launched information of the remarkable discover.

“The dog was found as part of an archaeological excavation conducted by the Western Investigations Team (Museums of Western Colorado) of a site, known as the Redoubt Site, which included bits of Spanish Armor and other Spanish Colonial memorabilia found near a small fortification, a few years back south of Grand Junction, Colorado,” described David Bailey, manager of history at Museums of Western Colorado, in an e-mail to FoxNews “After analyzing the material, we discovered there was a dog and a trigger guard [that] were from a very early Spanish pistol known as a wheellock.”


The handguns, which might be practically two-feet long, very first emerged in Europe around 1500.

Metallurgic tests suggest that the pistol parts discovered near Grand Junction are from the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries, making the discovery especially uncommon. “The importance of the find is the material is usually found in Texas or New Mexico and not this far north in western Colorado,” Bailey included.

The historian described that the canine tightened up 2 clamps that held flint or pyrite in location to spark the pistol’s powder.

“There are many theories of how the material got this far north, perhaps the remnants of a Spanish Exploration party or material that was traded to The Ute Indian that lived in this area,” he stated. “Many mysteries still remain about this site and we are still working to find additional evidence of why Spanish Colonial artifacts would be found so far north and from such an early period.”


Thepistol parts are the current historical discover to supply a glance into America’s Spanish colonial history.

In2016, archaeologists found stones underneath San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza that might be related to the primary gate of the 18 th century Mision San Antonio de Valero, as the Alamo Mission was initially understood.

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