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Scripting News: MSNBC stories

Scripting News: MSNBC stories

  • scripting news msnbc stories - Scripting News: MSNBC stories I heard a familiar concept at the end of the Chris Hayes reveal on MSNBC last night. The organizer of the Women’s March and a press reporter for the New Yorker both state they were overlooked by Democratic lawmakers defendingDreamers It’s real, they were overlooked. I didn’t see it till they stated so. Why didn’t the Dems utilize that there were over a million individuals marching in America and more in other nations? The New Yorker author states it’s due to the fact that they are females, to which I state 2 things: 1. I question it. 2. If it is, why not expand the motion to be more inclusive? Can’ t we simply have People’s Marches? Why are females’s concerns the only ones that matter?#
  • Earlier on the Ari Melber show, another woman whose name I didn’t catch, made a similar powerful statement. Why is everything politicos talk about procedural? The Dreamers make an incredibly compelling story. How about some ads, you know the president is still campaigning, that show how the Dreamers are Americans! The stupid fucking Repubs want to deport Americans. But this idea if it’s mentioned at all is only mentioned in passing. There’s a powerful emotional story here, yet it is largely invisible. It’s up to the Democrats, the opposition, to speak up for them. Not just procedurally, but personally. #
  • In other words before you make it about the Repubs, make it about the dream. I keep pointing back to the incredibly emotional Bernie Sanders America ad from2016 An advertisement like that revealing a day in the life of dreamers throughout America would, as Lakoff states, frame the argument in terms that make good sense, not the procedural ones that to many people, including me, do not. #
  • But the huge issue is even larger. Only a particular type of individual is offered a voice. I believe that’s why the marchers were overlooked. They do not work for Harvard or compose for the New Yorker (sorry, however you get a great deal of attention for your concepts there, I do not sympathize with you). Unless you’re a billionaire, or on the payroll of billionaires, your concepts and dreams do not suggest shit. #
  • That’s what Trump sold, and he’s right. I feel it. I feel left out of the conversation. I read a piece by an excellent writer in New York magazine, who says we have to do more, well the biggest thing he could do is figure out how to empower people who don’t have columns in his publication, people who want to do anything they can to help but feel sidelined. #

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