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Your Laziness is Offending God–What the Bible Says About Discipline & Rest

1517993442 your laziness is offending god what the bible says about discipline rest - Your Laziness is Offending God--What the Bible Says About Discipline & Rest

For my birthday, a buddy of mine sent me TimChallies’ DoMoreBetter This book approaches time management from a gospel-centric viewpoint, and it has actually truly challenged how I see laziness. It’s not almost producing more, Tim says, however about stewarding our presents and bringing magnificence toGod That’s why the sluggard of Proverbs is so offending:

“As you study the sluggard throughout Proverbs you will see that he is a man who refuses to begin new ventures, a man who will not finish was he has begun, a man will not face reality and, through it all, a man who is restless, helpless, and useless. His life is chaotic because his soul is chaotic. He cares little for God, so he cares little for those things that honor and glorify God – things like hard work and doing good for others.”(TimChallies)

As I read this passage, it struck me that laziness in any kind is spiritual laziness. We do not choose to be lazy from no place. We purposely choose to reserve our obligations and presents to indulge our flesh. When this ends up being a routine, we end up being like the sluggard: declining brand-new endeavors, not able to complete God’s call, agitated, powerless, ineffective.

your laziness is offending god what the bible says about discipline rest - Your Laziness is Offending God--What the Bible Says About Discipline & Rest


Proverbs12: 24 says:

“The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.”

We discussed this verse just recently in the college group Josh and I help with. Our group had some terrific points about it. They kept in mind that the slothful, sluggardly individual winds up being required to do the things he was just anticipated to do, all due to the fact that he was too lazy to simply get up and do it. In the end, his jobs are more tough due to the fact that of his mindset, not his task.

Proverbs21:5 says:

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes to poverty.”

Diligenceis a spiritual discipline. It’s the sluggish and constant work that flourishes in the end. When we are rash, sidetracked, and ineffective, we’re truly simply looking for instant satisfaction. We do not wish to be uneasy; we do not wish to wait. Thisis a spiritual problem due to the fact that it’s a heart mindset. Choosing diligence typically implies picking the hard, uneasy action– however if that’s exactly what God has actually embeded in front people in order to achieve His will, it’s not for us to prevent it!

Diligenceis a life practice. You’ll require it in college. You’ll require it at work. You’ll require it in your marital relationship. And you’ll absolutely require it in parenting, house management, and working from house.


Because diligence is a spiritual discipline, laziness is offensive toGod When we choose not to use up our obligations, selecting individual enjoyment over honoring God, we cannot be shocked when other locations of our lives suffer. This isn’t really God’s “punishment”; it’s the effect of a me-centric way of life.

One of the greatest methods I see laziness play out is in the shift from college and profession to stay-at-home motherhood. If you can just be thorough if others put a structure around you and hold you liable, how will you structure your house? How will you correspond in parenting? There is no 8-5 of motherhood. The projects you total are designated on your own. If you have actually never ever structured your time or cultivated diligence as a bachelor, the social networks stereotype of the drowning mommy will be your truth.

But it does not need to be that method! You can train yourself to select diligence. You can pursue your call to honor God with your time. It’s a procedure; a journey. We do not ever show up. But as you make the pursuit of diligence a life practice, all elements of your life interact for God’s magnificence. Your spiritual focus impacts your objectives. Your objectives impact your time management. Your time management impacts your mindset, your flexibility, and your achievements. When you bring your spirit in line with God’s, laziness ends up being the more difficult option– due to the fact that there’s more to lose.


Finally, the concept that work is an item of the Fall is an incorrect one. Work existed prior to sin went into the world; it simply ended up being much more difficult later. Both Adam and Eve had their labor increased tremendously. Adam would labor difficult to bring a harvest forth from his work, and Eve would labor difficult to bring life forth from her womb.

Thereis likewise no proof that work will be missing from paradise. We effectively may have “jobs” when we reach our supreme magnificence! We were developed to work. Not to be workaholics– however to do great for the magnificence of God.

With this in mind, do not puzzle rest with laziness. They are not the exact same. True rest renews our souls, tailoring us up for the requires ahead. To the contrary, laziness is the avoidance of needs. It’s aversion to do exactly what’s needed, to make modifications in our lives– to surpass the great God is performing in us. Because always remember: God is constantly dealing with our behalf. Who are we to stop when He continues to make every effort with us?

We do not have to live as agitated, powerless, ineffective fans ofJesus We can cope with focus and function! But we need to get up, stop waiting to “feel” determined, and do the difficult thing in the here and now. As we are thorough in obedience, it’s unbelievable what does it cost? more satisfying life ends up being.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”(Gal 6:9)

your laziness is offending god what the bible says about discipline rest - Your Laziness is Offending God--What the Bible Says About Discipline & Rest

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