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Photographer’s Video Of Starving Polar Bear Shows What Climate Change Looks Like

800x420 1513122132 - Photographer's Video Of Starving Polar Bear Shows What Climate Change Looks Like

In spite of the worrying variety of individuals that have actually refuted environment modification, consisting of the United States head of state, there’s lots of proof to show not just that it’s happening, however that we’re the ones causing it.

Worldwide temperature levels are climbing, reducing ice sheets, making glaciers hideaway, and also removing pets’ all-natural environments. National geographical professional photographer Paul Nicklen ended up being the unfavorable witness to the destructive impacts worldwide warming carries Planet’s animals when he stumbled upon a depriving polar bear throughout an exploration in the Baffin Islands.

Seals are the primary staple of a polar bear’s diet regimen, however with sea ice melting, they’re far more challenging to find by. This skeletal bear most likely passed away of hunger quickly after being shot.

Without food, polar bears roam right into human negotiations, seeking it out.

Feeding polar bears is unlawful, so there isn’t really much Nicklen or any individual else can have done to wait.

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