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People Are Comparing This Ridiculously Photogenic Gorilla To George Clooney And We Can’t Handle It

People Are Comparing This Ridiculously Photogenic Gorilla To George Clooney And We Can’t Handle It

Get you a guy who imitates an animal, however appears like George Clooney.

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If you have actually been to Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan just recently, you may have discovered that your heart is not in your chest and has, in reality, been taken by among the zoo’s occupants– Shabani the gorilla. The Japanese call him ikemen, significance ‘handsome guy.’ We call him a brooding, musclebound heartbreaker.

Shabani invests his days bending, looking attentively into the range, and delighting in authentic social networks popularity. He’s Dutch- born, Australian- reproduced, now lives conveniently in your dreams. Sure, he might have 2 other halves and a minimum of 2 kids currently, however he’s a gorilla– they have this aspect of not settling. When he’s not too hectic being Higashiyama’s main spokesperson, or doing advertisements for Japanese sweets and cakes, he’s wild business to be with.

Swipe right … Er, down, to see Shabani in all his magnificence, and let us understand if you ‘d choose a walk in the jungle with him.

MeetShabani, a 19- year-old gorilla who’s been living at HigashiyamaZoo in Nagoya, Japan because 2007

He’s Dutch- born, Australian- reproduced, and 100% guy

Image credits: Getty Images

People in Japan have ended up being so charmed by him, they call him ikemen— ‘handsome guy’

Image credits: gori2gorilla

And, um … Can anybody blame them?

Image credits: Getty Images

That brooding gaze, those unlimited eyes, the method he struts around with a lot self-confidence …

Image credits: gori2gorilla

He’s even a performer!

Image credits: gori2gorilla

Shabani went worldwide viral back in 2015, and though he’s kept it modest, he appears to take pleasure in the popularity

Image credits: gori2gorilla

He’s a western lowland gorilla, a critically-endangered types belonging to main Africa

Image credits: minty

They are typically looked for their skin and meat, or caught to be offered to zoos

Image credits: chiyu

Shabani was sent out to Japan as part of a reproducing program, and this hunk definitely did his part

Image credits: hapyyuka

After taking 2 fortunate other halves, Shabani now has 2 kids, called Kiyomasi and Annie

Image credits: chibimarukoro365

HigashiyamaZoo even made him their main spokesperson

Image credits: hana0723

Given his similarity to particular well-known faces, we see the appeal

Image credits: katelcunningham

Image credits: phillustrations

After coordinating with Nagoya- based outlet store Parco, Shabani discovered his real calling– modelling

Image credits: parco_nagoya

Image credits: parco_nagoya

Image credits: lilylilyelf

Would you choose a romp in the jungle with Shabani? Tell us listed below!

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